Ch.Issadami's White Blossom Rosa                                                  ROSA                                                        Blue bicolor                    10-5-2013


Rosa is our second Ragdoll she arrived 6 weeks later than our first Ragdoll Dolcie. Rosa is a real lap cat as soon as I sit down she wants to sit on my lap. she has a very sweet character and wonderfully playful. Nice and relaxed. The photo with umbrella was on the cover of the Dutch Ragdoll Club, super nice.

Dear mom who pampered her children.


Litter 4 Prins and Prinssesen (father Samson Maszkotka *PL)

 La Siësta's Aladin, La Siësta's Jasmine, La Siësta's Aurora, La Siësta's Cinderella


          Morris                                                                      Luna                                                                                          Tochi


Litter 3 The Gemstones (father Ruby Chantall Scramble)

La Sieësta's Easter Jade Chloë, La Siësta's Easter Onyx, La Siësta's Lapiz Lazulli Draco, La Siësta's Easter Amber Indy,  La Siësta's Easter Diamond Meghan


          Chloë                                                                      Onyx                                                                                Draco


          Indy                                                                      Meghan

Litter 2 Gods and Godess (father Ragbenchers Percy)

 La Siësta's Zeus, La Siësta's Aphrodite, La Siësta's Poseidon, La Siësta's Luna, La Siësta's Nemesis


           Muis                                                                                   Spoekie                                                                      Snow  


          Yuna                                                                                           Nemesis


Litter 1 Australië (father Coletto's Lightning McQueen (Binkie)

La Siësta's Rosebud ( Josephine), La Siësta's Sydney (Silver), La Siësta's Whitsunday (Roxy)



Josephine                                                                       Silver                                                                      Roxy