My name is Helen van Ling - de Vries, and I am married to Jan and we have two children. We live in Beverwijk, and have a small cattery, with an occasional litter. At this moment we have 6 Ragdolls Dolcie a blue point mitted and Rosa a blue point bicolor and Summer a blue point, Estrella the daughter of Summer a seal point mitted tabby / lynx and our first male Samson a seal point bicolor, and we have a young male Phil a seal bicolor tabby/ lynx. Katja our dog, a Dutch Smous, also lives with us.


When we got our first ragdoll Dolcie, we were already looking for a new girlfriend for her after a few weeks, because what a nice and sweet character the ragdoll has. We are therefore also infected with the ragdoll virus. At first we had planned to have a litter once, but we think it is so nice and cozy that we decided to have a litter several times. And we get a lot of love and fun for that, especially when the kittens are about 5 weeks old, they start to wobble and then grow and frolic with each other. We have kitten TV all day and enjoy it immensely.